Dumasani.net is dedicated to the liberation of the ecclesia among the pan-African diaspora.

The ecclesia is the body and bride of Christ, the divine creation destined to share His rule of all things. All we who acknowledge Jesus as God Incarnate, His death as the sole sufficient payment for our sins, and His resurrection as the source of our life, are parts of Him and therefore of Her. And yes, she's a girl.

The ecclesia is not the institutional church (in fact, the very word "church" misrepresents what the Bible talks about). One can be part of the ecclesia without being part of the church. And vice-versa.

Most members of the ecclesia do not know her. They know only the church.

Because they know only the church, their experience of Christ and of the Christian life is often limited by traditions and habitual modes of thinking. They live in a box that is smaller than the life inside them.

This is true wherever the institutional church has taken hold, in cultures East and West, in developed and developing nations, among persons of all nationalities and ethnicities.

A movement is afoot, of Christians stepping outside their church traditions to experience the life of God more fully together. For many of them, the most obvious distinguishing point is that they meet in homes rather than in church buildings. So, many use the term "house church" to describe what they do. We will not use that term here, except when quoting others. We will simply say, "ecclesia."

So far, this movement - in America, at least - seems to be bypassing Black people.

We do not believe that God intends for a movement which helps His people to experience His life more fully, to bypass Black people. Thus we will focus our efforts on filling gaps in awareness among Black Christians, wherever they are, so that more may know that there is more to life in Christ than going to church.

Indeed, the very idea of going to church is unbiblical. There are no examples in the Bible of anyone going to church. There are no instructions in the Bible to go to church. And in many cases, what we do in church goes against Biblical teaching.

This site is all about the question, "What would happen if we believed what the Bible tells us is true, and did what the Bible tells us to do?"